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Aventura Life


Last week, Executive Producer Artem spent a week in Summit County, CO with Aventura Life—an adventure company taking entrepreneurs and business leaders into the wilderness to experience challenge, growth, and mindfulness. Artem got to experience an Aventura expedition while also capturing some incredible footage. We’ve been putting together the footage into short videos for Aventura Life. Check out the stuff we’ve come up with so far!

Enjoy the outdoors before summer is over! (And then get ready for all the fun had in the winter season!) And if you’re interested in Aventura Life’s expeditions, visit their website to see their upcoming adventures.


The Earth Coast Team

Yerlin Ramirez


We recently worked with a new client, Yerlin Ramirez. Ramirez is a thought leader, meta coach, and motivational speaker. We put together a video series that outlines her services. Did we mention she has an incredible story? Check out her story below.


Make Music Work with ShowTrade


ShowTrade is a networking and booking site for” DIY” bands to play new cities, book lineups and schedule tours around the US. We put together a promo video for them, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. ShowTrade is launching their website at the DIY Music Conference in Nashville at the end of August. We can’t wait to hear about how the video attracts new leads and bands to their site!


Have you Heard of Live Streaming?


Pretend with me for a moment…

Let’s say your a small business called StartUpBiz. You’ve recently launched an online website called StartUp.Biz, but you’re not seeing a lot of traffic. And this is frustrating to you, because you offer a great product or service. You begin brainstorming ways to engage your online audience. Your first Instagram post is an adorable picture of your office dog named Pepper. It receives 7 likes… It’s a start, at least.

Bottomline, you’re not seeing the online growth you’d like to achieve. The office dog pictures are cute, and your services or products are amazing, but something’s missing… Your business does not have online video content.

Did you know that a single video averages 1200 more shares on social media than images and text combined? People like video. Your customers like video. In 2018, customers are drawn to businesses promoting their products and brands through video. Video does what other content mediums can’t: it is the most sensory medium. It builds trust. Customers can see your company and your people.

There are plenty of ways to engage your customers or online audience through video. However, in 2018, if your company wants to stand out in the digital media space, your company should be Live Streaming.

What is Live Streaming?

What a great question! Live Streaming emerged in the last two years as the most optimal way to connect with your online audience through real-time, interactive video. Live Streaming is a revolutionary media service for businesses to communicate and engage with their customers in an authentic way. Live Streaming makes online video interactive, authentic, and satisfying for viewers. One of the ways Live Streaming is different from other content mediums is that the audience tuning into a Live Stream can get their questions answered immediately. That means that during a Live Stream you can connect with anyone interested in your services and answer speak with them in an authentic, trust-building way.

Learn how Live Streaming can help grow your business…



3 key Steps to Copywriting and SEO


What’s a video production company doing writing about copywriting? Alright, good point… Almost. At Earth Coast, we do lots of things—video production, Live Streaming, marketing strategy—but like any business with a website, we put a lot of care and strategy into writing our copy. We also care about the marketing success of the companies we work with, and seek to provide cutting-edge digital marketing strategy.

Beneath the success of any website or landing page is well-written copy, optimized to bring more traffic to your site. We’ve put together a list three key elements that go into writing clear, effective copy for your web page:

3 key elements to copywriting and SEO for your Website:

  1. Know your mission. Before beginning to write copy for your website, develop a mission statement. Who is your website for? What services are you offering? What are your promises to your customers or audience? Having a mission statement prepared will guide will not only help when you write copy, but it will also help shape your vision for the overall feel and UX of your website.
  2. Once you have your mission statement, begin developing a list of keywords you want to include on your website. While this may seem like an easy task, there are plenty of resources and tools to help optimize and specify your keywords so customers can easily find your website. Keywords can vary from single words like, “media” to phrases like “digital marketing campaign.” The idea is that you are including words that are specific and telling of your business and services. You might be asking yourself, “what keywords should I use?” To start, reference your mission statement. Here’s an example: Earthcoast’s mission statement is, “Grow your Brand. Tell your Story. Engage your Audience.” It’s telling enough, but what does this actually mean? Here’s where we can fill in some of the questions with keywords that are telling of our services. Words like, “video production, Livestreaming, digital marketing, etc” are all part of those keywords.
  3. So, you have your mission statement and you have your keywords. What now? The actual copy, right? Correct! We can’t tell you necessarily what to write, but we can offer a few simple tips and tricks for developing your copy.

-write in your voice. What’s the voice of your company? Are you playful, practical? Are you a supportive and encouraging health and fitness company? Or perhaps you’re a digital media and video marketing company (sound familiar?).

-write in manageable breath units. What does that mean? Well, often times the first piece of writing advice you’ll receive is write concisely. An easy way to do this is to write to breath units. Write in lengths that keep your natural pace of breath in mind. Even though we often read in our heads, it helps to put breaks in your writing where the reader might need to take a breath.

-Write first. Then Edit. If you want to write quickly and effectively, don’t worry about editing until you’ve written out all of your ideas. Often times we get hung up on the fluidity of our writing before we’ve even finished writing a blog post or landing page material. Write first; write good later.

We hope this short guide to copy writing helps! Stay tuned on our blog for more updates and digital marketing and video production tips.

Summer Updates–Working With Electrom Instruments!


It has been a busy summer at Earth Coast! We’ve made some new hires, launched our new website, and have many productions in the works.

One project we’d specifically like to highlight is with our friends over at Electrom Instruments.

Electrom Instruments is a leading company in the motor testing business. They have clients all over the world and are looking for new ways to engage their leads and customers online. They’ve recently made the push to grow their brand in the digital space through video marketing.

We had the pleasure of shooting a promo video for Electrom onsite at their office in Longmont. It was truly an amazing experience–we got to meet many of their employees, film their production line, and work with the company to create an awesome video for their website.

Today, websites with video have an increased organic traffic rate of 157%. We cannot wait to see how their video increases their web traffic.

Stay tuned on our blog for more Earth Coast updates! Also, don’t forget to reach out to us if you want to grow your brand through video marketing. We provide a variety of video services to accommodate your brand’s needs.


The Earth Coast Team

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