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We Are Your-  Events Production Partners, Video Production Partners, Live Production Partners, Hybrid Production Partners, Course Production Partners

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 Our Media Promise

Driven by your objectives as much as you are, we take your media to the next level by investing ourselves in your mission, vision, and your team. Your goals become our goals. Your vision becomes our vision. 

Our client experience extends beyond just yourself and your organization. We bring a holistic approach to all stakeholders: from viewers and speakers, to sponsors, event coordinators, and attendees.

Earth Coast is the premiere broadcasting media partner for B Corps and purpose-driven organizations.

Meet The Team

Artem Nikulkov

CEO & Media StrategY

Joshua Groth

CFO & Business Strategy

Rachel Fusco

Client experience Manager

Jordan Groth

Production Manager

Earth Coast News

Our Commitment to Community-Driven Journalism

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At Earth Coast Productions, our storytelling doesn't end at the screen's edge. We proudly stand behind and generously support Earth Coast News, our non-profit media arm that reimagines the power of community-driven journalism. This initiative underscores our pledge to a sustainable and inclusive world, championing stories and narratives that may otherwise remain untold.

Earth Coast News is a testament to our belief that every voice matters. By creating a platform where YOU, our cherished community, can propose news ideas and vote through donations, we're ensuring journalism remains true to its essence - impartial, community-focused, and transformative.

Our regenerative approach to media is reshaping narratives to inspire, embolden, and instigate positive, holistic change.

With Earth Coast News, we're amplifying the unparalleled efforts of nonprofits and mission-driven organizations worldwide, emphasizing stories that underscore sustainability, inclusivity, and regenerative change. It's more than just news; it's about fostering a harmonious, interconnected global community where every voice can resonate and make a difference.

Beyond a commitment, Earth Coast News is our homage to our planet 🌍.

Our steadfast focus on initiatives such as ocean cleanup and conservation underlines our dedication to Earth's health and vibrancy.

Our mission intertwines with the passionate communities that have been nurturing our planet for generations.

Generously stewarded by Earth Coast Productions, Earth Coast News celebrates regenerative voices, empowers change-makers, and envisions a future where every story contributes to a more sustainable world.

Join us on this journey.

With Earth Coast News and Earth Coast Productions, let's co-create a sustainable narrative for our shared future.