Our Story

Earth Coast Productions began as a humble IT company serving small businesses, consultant firms, and restaurants beneath the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. During that time, something called the The Internet was becoming fairly popular and many of our clients wanted websites. In 2010, EarthCoast grew its vision to combine its IT prowess with strategic digital marketing, web design creativity, and live event videography to become a three-pronged digital media powerhouse. We refer to our specialties as Agency, Media, and Live.

Agency: ​​Grow Your Brand

​We build and implement digital marketing engines and media solutions that streamline growth in your sales process, lead acquisitions, and client/customer engagement. We also help integrate the systems required to make the sales and marketing automation funnels work properly.

Media: Tell Your Story

We radically grow and transform your brand through the power of video and digital media. From creative video content, to web development and event production, we provide the creative services needed to boost your brand and make your story known.

Live: Engage your Community

We actively grow your online presence and expand your brand’s reach and community through the technology of Live Streaming and Live Broadcasting.

Why We're Here

EarthCoast Productions prides itself on serving conscious businesses across the Front Range. To us, our purpose is more than just business. We work with Colorado’s best brands, creating culture-defining content to meet the growing demands of storytelling across all screens.