Video Production & Media Marketing

Inspire   Engage Impact

Strategically bring your conference, product launch, or seminar to the World with Visual Storytelling.

Our mission is to create and scale exceptional media that educates, connects, and promotes regenerative change throughout the global community.

​Lights, Cameras, Action!



Think of your clients & customers
as viewers & attendees.

A sampling of companies & brands who trust Earth Coast with their most important events:

DEO: Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

​We've got you covered!



Coordinating all the details of your media marketing campaign to reach your ideal audience in the most engaging and impactful way.

Rest assured knowing everything is covered for your main event.


Lights, Cameras, Action

Executing high-quality, multi-camera, multi-channel recording and live streaming, Live editing and full production on-site, using the best industry gear.  When you need live broadcasting for your event, want to produce a telesummit, or webcast a function - we are here to make it happen.

We bring the front-row experience to every viewer. 



Maximizing what you get out of capturing your event to radically increase your ROI. Reach your audience for the best viewer engagement through highlight reels, testimonial videos, and individual clips of shareable moments.

Expand your media content to meet any need imaginable.


Scaling & Advertising, Analytics & Optimization

Building and monetizing your online presence by truly marketing and scaling your reach. As big or as little as you want it to be - go global, expand local, target your ideal clients, and strategically reach people you wouldn't have otherwise.

Turn your media content into your sales funnel.

Earth Coast specializes in live broadcasting and video coverage for conferences, seminars, workshops and pay-per-view events.
We are ready to make sure your broadcasting, video production, and audio visual needs are taken care of at your next meeting or function. Earth Coast Productions is a video production and media strategy agency based in Boulder, Colorado serving the Greater Denver area. We create custom promo videos, highlight reels, livestreaming, webcasting, digital marketing, and online experiences.

We offer custom online ticketing  and  teleconference platform solutions for local and global events.