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Media partners that elevate your organization's success

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How will your event advance your larger organizational goals and create positive impact?

As your preferred production team, we bring the personal touch, expertise, and perspective you need. We create media that delights your audience and builds your Video Content Library. Our strategic media system helps your organization launch great events and expand long term marketing campaigns.

Successful events make it easy to grow your business!

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"Earth Coast provides exceptional services in videography, branding and social media. They are dedicated, professional and are a company with a soul. We work with Earth Coast on a regular basis to help build our company, shoot our video trainings, interviews, and keep our business growing. We consider them 'part of our team'."

Stephen Robinson EvenPulse® The Science of Human Resilience

"When Earth Coast came across my path. . .I mean you upped our game in all kinds of ways. At an event, my focus is on the content itself, who is speaking at the front of the room, and to have all of that content so professionally captured from the sound, visuals, was beautiful and compelling. To show up, ready, good to go, to me that just speaks volumes about the quality of your effort, the quality of your commitment to delivering impeccable service.

Seleyn DeYarus Regenerative Rising

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"When I published my book 'Uncompromising' I decided to create a promotional video that I could leverage across my social media platform and website. After careful consideration we selected Earth Coast to assist with the development of this video. We were impressed with their attention to detail, ability to listen carefully to our vision, and offer creative solutions. We owe a big part of our success to our partnership with Earth Coast. If I had to do it all over again, I would hire Earth Coast!"

Event Types

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Live, In-person Events

Deliver your event with seamless in-person audio-visual experiences while capturing the content for future use. We increase your impact and the enjoyment of your audience with exceptional production value and engagement.

Live Broadcast Studio

Hybrid Events

Build connections between your in-person and online audiences by live-broadcasting your event. When you open up participation to those who could not make it in person, you create a greater reach and cultivate a deeper level of community than ever before. 

Fully Virtual Events

Create unlimited connections, deliver quality experiences, and minimize your community’s environmental impact. Virtual events are infinitely scalable and our customized solutions ensure real time engagement that audiences love.

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⎯⎯⎯  Live

Why record your Live event?

Building a Video Content Library saves time and money down the road. When you share the real magic of what happened in person, your online audience feels more connected to your community.

Extend the reach of your event budget by using your recorded content in future promotional marketing, trainings and online courses.

⎯⎯⎯  Hybrid

Why go Hybrid?

We know how much being together in person matters. The level of human connection is unmatched, and still there are important individuals who won’t be able to travel.

Hybrid events really do deliver the best of both worlds.

Bring everyone together with real time engagement that bridges the in-person to online experience with a customizable and easy to use phone app and website. Whether in person or online, each attendee will feel connected to and a part of something bigger.

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⎯⎯⎯  Virtual

Why offer fully Virtual events?

The freedom of bringing together an unlimited number of individuals from anywhere in the world is huge. This is the most accessible and repeatable type of custom event.

Virtual events are more sustainable and eco-friendly, reducing cost of participation, time, and energy expenditure. This opens your audience reach to individuals who wouldn’t ever make it in person. Our ability to create a front row experience to viewers at home makes every attendee feel personally included. Using our platform for virtual events also builds upon the audience experience by using valuable digital analytics in your long-term marketing campaigns.

⎯⎯⎯  Consulting

Video Impact Consulting

We’re experts at everything in production and you’re the expert at orchestrating what your audience wants. Together we make big magic happen. We handle all technical needs to make sure you can relax and enjoy curating the content we create together.

Consulting with Earth Coast will help you connect deeper with your audience, drive your event marketing, and grow your business success. We focus on identifying the foundational pieces you need in order to powerfully leverage your media and video reach. 

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"Working with Earth Coast felt almost like they could read our mind! They could tell what we wanted to do and were willing to go outside the box of what they provided."

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"We hired Earth Coast to film a live seminar we held at a hotel in Denver. The team was impeccable to work with: professional, competent, cheerful, made the whole event go very smoothly. Highly recommended!"

Will Van Derveer, MD Integrative Psychiatry Center