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Driven by your objectives as much as you are, we take your media to the next level by investing ourselves in your mission, vision, and your team. Your goals become our goals. Your vision becomes our vision. 

Our client experience extends beyond just yourself. We bring a holistic approach to all of the stakeholders including viewers, speakers, sponsors, event coordinators, and attendees.

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Earth Coast is the premiere broadcasting media partner for B Corps and purpose-driven organizations.

We are at a unique moment in human history, decisions that must be made right now will determine the course of future history.

And we are not limited to those that cater to the existing energy system.


At the American Solar Energy Society - SOLAR22 Conference

Reducing your carbon footprint is important and accessible.

Hybrid and virtual events are the most direct way to reduce a huge amount of carbon emissions and increase the sustainability of your event.

Once you understand where and how your event is producing carbon emissions, you can take steps and implement strategies to mitigate those emissions. Keep in mind that most of the emission impact is made in travel and accommodations for your event.

In a study published by Nature Communications in 2021, the transition from in-person to virtual conferencing "can substantially reduce the carbon footprint by 94% and energy use by 90%."

Planning an event will always generate emissions. By being aware of this, we can take steps to minimize that impact and create a more sustainable event and media industry together.

What can you do right now?

> Engage with local networks who work towards carbon neutral actions.
> Source venues and suppliers who are sustainability focused.
> Utilize public transportation to and from your event to minimize emissions.
> Hire catering vendors that use compostable materials.
> Partner with food donation organizations to offer more sustainable food choices.