Black Lives Matter


Knack Collective, an amazing Digital Marketing Agency out of Seattle, WA has put together a great set of resources for everyone, and we want to share these with you as well.
Knack Collective is fully committed and has Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the heart of everything that they do.

Earth Coast’s mission is to provide media tools for all Humans living and working together on our beautiful Home Planet. As such we stand 100% behind everything that Knack Collective has so poignantly shared:

Visit and read the original article written by Mariah Lincoln at

At Knack, we stand in solidarity with the fight against police brutality, systemic racism, white supremacy, and the historic oppression of the black community.

As we have seen just this past week, racism is deadly, and we must act now to stop its growing boldness. This call to action includes: holding police forces accountable for acts of violence against the black community, all communities of color, as well as transgender and gender-diverse people; changing an economic system that consistently oppress large segments of our populations; and recognizing that our right to be comfortable is not greater than someone else’s right to live.

We all need to remember their names. We need to say their names.

At Knack, we often talk about human rights for all, but especially now, and as a largely white community, it is essential that we understand and acknowledge our privilege, and therefore our role in eradicating racism and protecting the lives of our black community. We also often talk about ourselves as allies. It is our responsibility as allies to be loud and visible, even when it is uncomfortable. It’s also our responsibility to take true action and not be guilty of “performative allyship,” which only perpetuates the systems of oppression we seek to dismantle. Together, we can do this, but it must be a priority and it must be now.

At Knack, we pledge to:

  1. Learn up
  2. Speak up
  3. Show up
  4. Donate
  5. Take action

Learn up:

Research & Statistics


Films, Shows, Documentaries, Videos

Books/ Articles

News Outlets

Speak up:

Show up:


Take Action: