Video: The Future of Marketing


With YouTube approaching its fourteenth birthday, it’s easy to take for granted the ease with which we stream video today.  Buffering, once a well-tolerated practice for video-hungry internet users, has become a relic of the past. For the everyday internet user, videos are much easier to view.  For the content producer, videos are much easier to upload to social media or embed on a web page.

All that ease of access and production has led to a hard-to-avoid fact:  video is everywhere. It’s rare to browse through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat and not see a video at some point on your journey.  In addition to posting videos, Live Video Streaming has also made a huge splash in the internet and mobile market, with audiences increasing 81% from 2015-2016.

With so many people viewing videos, it’s prudent that businesses take advantage of this.  Of course, adding video production to your list of marketing tasks may seem like an impossible load to bear.  Consider, however, the consequences.

Video, for instance, makes you far more visible to the consumer.  80% of brand audiences prefer to see live video than a regular blog post.  Instagram and Facebook, two of the largest live-streaming platforms, have 1 billion users and over 2 billion users respectively.  Video, being as appealing as it is, can also mean 12 times more shares for your business.

There are plenty of ways a business can use video to increase their audience.  Testimonials are a great way to create short videos that show the illustriousness of your product or service.  Product Demonstrations can captivate your audience by showing your business in action. Behind the Scenes content can form a personal relationship with whoever scrolls by your video.  Live-Streaming an event with your business gives your audience exclusive experience with your brand.

It is also important to note that, for 67% of viewers, video quality is the most important factor for their engagement.  Of course, if you wish to create video content or a live-stream for your business, Earth Coast can help.  Find out how on, and happy filming!


Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash