We Do Video Marketing


We were recently recognized as a top Video Marketing Company on Design Rush! In case you’re unclear on how a video marketing company differs from a production company, we wrote a blog post about it:

The Video Production Company

If you type “video production” into Google I’m sure you’ll find hundreds of video production companies. Some do weddings; some shoot commercials with $50,000+ cameras; some companies might purely focus on online course content or video for social media. There are so many different kinds of video production companies with a variety of services and expertise.

So where does Earth Coast fit? What’s our niche?

Earth Coast Productions is a video marketing company. Which means we take a marketing and
ROI-based approach to producing video content. Yes, we have the nice cameras and the lights and the audio, but we also implement marketing and distribution strategy. This also means that we focus primarily video for companies, organizations, and brands looking to launch products, increase event-sales, develop marketing campaigns, and more.

Often times we’re asked, “what kind of services do you provide?” The answer? We provide most of the video services that other video productions provide—and more. We provide Multi Cam live streaming, 4k video capture, sizzle reels, promo videos, testimonials, company culture videos, etc.

So what makes us different?

I’m about to give you a behind-the-scenes-look into Earth Coast Productions… Every time we onboard a media partner or client, we perform what we call a “content audit.” We look at how video might work or integrate into their existing content calendar, and we look at how video might make an impact on sales, customer engagement, or brand story. The information we find helps us work with our clients as media partners in production, strategy, and distribution. We know that at the end of the day our clients want videos that work. This, we believe, is our differentiator: a media strategy and ROI-focused approach to producing video.