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2021 Event Trends
Hybrid Events are here to stay. With the unpredictability of in-person attendance, hybrid events are the most efficient way to[...]
10 Year Anniversary of Earth Coast Productions
This Sunday, March 14th, 2021 Earth Coast Productions celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary!  A momentous occasion to celebrate an incredible[...]
Black Lives Matter
Knack Collective, an amazing Digital Marketing Agency out of Seattle, WA has put together a great set of resources for[...]
Video & Virtual Meeting Etiquette
Practicing good video meeting etiquette is critical to ensuring that your meetings are professional, efficient, and valuable.As An AttendeeMute your[...]
Discussing Equity: Diversity and Inclusion at Boulder Startup Week
Recently we had the amazing opportunity to work with Boulder Startup Week. We are honored and grateful to have had[...]
We Do Video Marketing
We were recently recognized as a top Video Marketing Company on Design Rush! In case you’re unclear on how a[...]
How to Send Smart Emails
Fostering a healthy inbox is a Sisyphean task.  Even if you can get your inbox down to zero, it likely[...]
Have you Heard of Live Streaming?
Pretend with me for a moment... Let's say your a small business called StartUpBiz. You've recently launched an online website[...]
3 key Steps to Copywriting and SEO
Why is a video marketing company writing about copy writing? Fair enough. However, at Earth Coast, we do lots of[...]