3 key Steps to Copywriting and SEO


Why is a video marketing company writing about copy writing? Fair enough. However, at Earth Coast, we do lots of things—video production, Live Streaming, marketing strategy—but like any business with a website, we put a lot of care and strategy into writing our copy. We also care about the marketing success of the companies we work with and seek to provide cutting-edge digital marketing strategy.

Beneath the success of any website or landing page is well-written copy, optimized to bring more traffic to your site. We’ve put together a list of three key elements that go into writing clear, effective copy for your web page:

3 Key Elements to Copywriting and SEO for Your Website:

  1. Know your mission. Before beginning to write copy for your website, develop a mission statement. Who is your website for? What services are you offering? What are your promises to your customers or audience? Having a mission statement prepared will not only help when you write copy, but it will also help shape your vision for the overall feel and UX of your website.
  2. Once you have your mission statement, begin developing a list of keywords you want to include on your website. While this may seem like an easy task, there are plenty of resources and tools to help optimize and specify your keywords so customers can easily find your website. Keywords can vary from single words like, “media” to phrases like “digital marketing campaign.” The idea is that you are including words that are specific and telling of your business and services. You might be asking yourself, “what keywords should I use?” To start, reference your mission statement. Here’s an example: Earth Coast’s mission statement is, “Grow your Brand. Tell your Story. Engage your Audience.” It’s telling enough, but what does this actually mean? Here’s where we can fill in some of the questions with keywords that are telling of our services. Words like, “video production, Livestreaming, digital marketing, etc” are all keywords.
  3. So, you have your mission statement and you have your keywords. What now? The actual copy, right? Correct! We can’t tell you necessarily what to write, but we can offer a few simple tips and tricks for developing your copy.

Write in your voice. What’s the voice of your company? Are you playful, practical? Are you a supportive and encouraging health and fitness company? Or perhaps you’re a hip digital media and video marketing company (sound familiar?).

Write in manageable breath units. What does that mean? Well, often times the first piece of writing advice you’ll receive is to write concisely. An easy way to do this is to write to breath units: write in sentence lengths that keep your breath in mind. Most of the time, a sentence or clause should read as long as a natural exhale. If you need to take a second breath to finish a sentence or a clause, shorten your sentences! Even though we read in our heads, it helps to put breaks in our writing.

Write first. Then edit. If you want to write quickly and effectively, don’t worry about editing until you’ve written out your ideas. Often times we get hung up on the fluidity of our writing before we’ve even finished writing a blog post or landing page material. Write first; write good later.

We hope this short guide to copy writing helps! Stay tuned on our blog for more updates and digital marketing and video production tips.