March 15, 2021


This Sunday, March 14th, 2021 Earth Coast Productions celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary! 

A momentous occasion to celebrate an incredible journey over the last decade.

It sounds cheesy but Earth Coast Productions started as a dream. Founder and Technical Director, Artem Nikulkov created this company after the name appeared to him vividly in a dream. Earth Coast is a concept that represents more than just the coast of East to West. It represents the Our Home Planet – Earth, across the oceans, and incorporates all of the people on this planet. 

Earth Coast was born out of this idea of working with a team of motivated individuals creating actionable media that inspires people to make change. It’s about educating people about the types of tools that really are available to everyone, and the type of work being done by amazing organizations shaping and transforming our world. The goal has always been about creating a better home for us all, for the people and the planet. 

You may not know that Earth Coast really started in the IT realm before it evolved into the Media Company you see now. IT, web design, and computer support are what helped Artem to pave the way for the production gear needed to build Earth Coast into a true production house. It’s only appropriate to pay respects and say thank you to those hundreds of websites and early clients that helped get us to where we are today. So to you, we say Thank You!

So how has Earth Coast as a media production company worked, and continues to work, to help transform the world around us? It all comes down to this idea of Regenerative Media. 

Regenerative media is not a common phrase in this industry. We talk a lot about regenerative practices, regenerative agriculture, not but media. Earth Coast is setting out to popularize the term “regenerative media.” And we believe that what makes media regenerative is stories, real knowledge, real people who bring their vision to the world, who are helping to create a better life, a better world for us all. Sharing these stories, giving them a platform, and making their voices heard is what Earth Coast truly stands for. 

As with any new business, the journey wasn’t always easy. Artem spent many years single handedly bootstrapping the company from home, to co-working spaces, to single room offices. In the early years, Live Broadcasting and Live Streaming wasn’t as well known or popular with consumers either. The challenge was not only finding the right physical space but also communicating the value in this medium and how social media clips and highlight reels fit into a client’s overall media campaign. Getting an organization’s mission and message to their audience and out to the world is the goal, and with the help of live broadcasting and a lot of work, Earth Coast has helped to amplify our clients’ inspiring messages a lot further and bring new people & prospects to our clients. 

Looking back, it’s always been the clients and community that kept Earth Coast moving forward. It’s not just about setting up a camera and broadcasting an event to an audience. It’s about supporting our clients’ missions, raising them up, amplifying their message, and celebrating their successes. What we stand for is unique in the video production marketplace and the content we help to produce needs to be out there, in our culture and in our world. We believe this and stand by this to our core, ever since the beginning. Sharing these real stories, these real changes, the inspiring journeys, it’s what keeps Earth Coast in motion. 

As the business looks towards the next 10 years, we envision our clients playing an even bigger role in Earth Coast’s growth. We are constantly working on developing new aspects of this company and finding better and bigger ways to amplify the voices of our community. With the upcoming launch of EarthCoast.Live, our flagship live broadcasting platform, this is just one of the new things we have in store. 

Earth Coast stands here humbled and grateful by the last decade while also feeling incredibly empowered and inspired looking forward.  

Thank you to each of our beautiful clients, our incredible team, and the journey so far.Here’s to 10 more years of regenerative media! 

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