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At Earth Coast Productions, we work so seamlessly with you that that it feels like we've always been there. 

We make it easy to connect and grow your audience through impactful events and curated content. As a full-service production house we craft immersive experiences for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. 

Our team brings the personal touch, expertise, and perspective you need to ensure your event or media content is covered
 from all angles. 
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Event Production

Hybrid, In person, & Virtual Events

Creative Media Production

Social Clips, Promos, Highlight Reels & More

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Media Consulting

Holistic Event & Media Support 

Where Collaboration Becomes Partnership

Michelle - Hybrid Event Production with Earth Coast

"From the first day I inquired with Earth Coast all the way through the event and including debriefing of the event, Earth Coast was attentive, inquisitive, accommodating, and overall rockstars. I enthusiastically refer them to anyone looking for A/V needs for any event, however, specifically for your more unique and challenging events, they will take your vision and make it come true."



Discover Your Vision: Together we work to understand your event goals and organizational mission. These two details become the foundation for a successful collaboration and helps us tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. 

Our team helps to develop engaging content and innovative formats that resonate with your audience, whether it’s for live events, streaming, or media production.


Execution & Real-Time Problem Solving: Experience seamless execution as our expert crew manages every aspect of the event production. From coordination and communication to technology operation, we handle it all to ensure a smooth and professional experience. Our technicians and event managers are always ready to tackle any challenge that may arise during the event. With quick thinking and a solutions-oriented approach, we maintain the quality and flow of your event.


Post-Event Analytics & Professional Editing: Following your event, Earth Coast Productions will deliver the analytics from your event platform to gauge success and user-interaction. Our post-production team expertly handles all editing needs, from cutting down hours of footage to highlighting key moments. We enhance the audio and visual quality, ensuring that your content is polished, engaging, and ready for distribution for maximum post-event content. 

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Our Media Promise

Driven by your objectives aes much as you are, we take your media to the next level by investing ourselves in your mission, vision, and your team. Your goals become our goals. Your vision becomes our vision. 

Our client experience extends beyond just yourself and your organization. We bring a holistic approach to all stakeholders: from viewers and speakers, to sponsors, event coordinators, and attendees.