Proposal for Dinosaur Ridge

Video Production for High School Science Quiz Bowl

November 2022

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Quote For: Video Production

Dear Kristen,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us about this event and sending over this RFP. Earth Coast prides itself on working with mission-aligned organizations. This production is inline with our values and capabilities and we are thrilled to help with this project.

As discussed, here is the Quote that outlines the request for Creative Video Production Services for the upcoming High School Science Quiz Bowl. Base fees and additional services are listed for you to choose to add to the scope. Let us know if we have covered all your needs, or if you would like any clarification.

If you are happy to move forward, we would love to schedule a Proposal Review Call with you and your team to discuss the scope and project expectations in more detail.

Earth Coast Team

⎯⎯⎯  Creative Brief

The Earth Coast Approach

Filming Style

With the upcoming 2nd annual High School Science Quiz Bowl, Dinosaur Ridge is well positioned to continue to build awareness around paleontology, geology, and earth science. 
Showcasing the driven & passionate work that the students put into this competition will be the key focus of the final produced video.

Also, with the coming growth and expansion of Dinosaur Ridge, it is important to communicate the importance of this facility to the greater public and its impact over the coming decades. Hosting and showcasing events like the High School Science Quiz Bowl helps to keep Dinosaur Ridge front and center for the core audiences interested in these subjects.

Dinosaur Ridge reaches a specific audience, while this audience is diverse in age, ethnicity, and other demographics, there are common unifying factors that differentiate this specific audience.

The filming style which we will apply to this project will first-and-foremost speak to this audience and capture their imagination.

Earth Coast and our team have extensive experience in communicating to unique and specific audiences. You can see a list of our diverse work and filming styles here:

Production Workflow

To help production and editing go smoothly, most of the work to create a video is done before you start filming during the pre-production phase.

This process includes deciding on the overall filming style, time, locations, subjects to film, and what you want the final product to look and sound like.

We pride ourselves in outlining a detailed plan and preparing as much about the film ahead of time as possible. We do this by creating and sharing a wholistic project board that visually outlines these points with assigned due dates, and folder structures to keep things organized and everyone on the same page with where the project is at. Communication is key and our team strives to keep you updated through every stage of the creative process. 

When it is time to start filming, we use our production schedule, storyboard and project outline as our guiding compass, and creatively adjust wherever needed to best support the story and goal for the project.

Editing Style

For video, the magic comes together in the editing room.

Once everything is captured, we have the experience needed to only select necessary and engaging content that will captivate viewers. We look at what approach, method, and tools will best serve the overall goal and story and use them to our advantage.

This could include the use of, text, motion graphics, stock footage libraries, voiceover, images, sound effects, and other editing effects.

We also enjoy carefully listening to feedback and implementing suggestions and ideas that help serve the large and small picture goals of the video.

Sound FX, Music & Graphics

How you feel while watching a video is just as important as what you see, this is the role of music in the video.

We take a close look at what type of audio will best support the goals and style of the video and strategically utilize our Music Library with over 10,000 song selections and over 500,000 sound effects.

Our team will assess how music, FX, and graphics can be best utilized in your media and build flawless graphics and add specific sounds that will maximize the impact of your video. 

⎯⎯⎯  Strategic Approach

The Science Quiz Bowl

Voiceover Narration to lead the story.

This will allow for an overall structure for the film, highlight the subjects, and let their personalities stand out more. We would help you create the script for this before we start filming. We can hire a professional voiceover artist to record the voiceover narration that will provide the structure for this film.

On-Screen text and graphics for support

If additional supporting content is ever needed throughout the video, we can use animated or non-animated overlayed visual aids such as pictures, videos, or graphics to accompany information/topics.

Capture high quality, relevant, and visually engaging video for b-roll

Due to the length of the video, having relevant, and creative footage/shots that look intriguing, well-composed, and properly-lit is critical in helping viewers enjoy watching the video, stay engaged throughout, and digest/process the information. Visiting the locations before filming will greatly help achieve this and allow things to flow smoothly during filming.

Have interviewees repeat questions within their answers

For interviews and conversations with subjects, encouraging the interviewee’s to repeat questions within their answers, instead of including the question from the interviewer, will help give a natural feel to the subject’s interviews and allow them and their story to remain the primary focus.

Showcase the Teams Through Tailored Interview Questions

This will allow the audience to personally connect with them and showcases the teams individual personalities, ambition, and uniqueness. This keeps the film dynamic and helps the audience stay invested in the final outcome.

⎯⎯⎯  Bios

Meet The Team

Artem Nikulkov

[email protected]

Founder & CEO

Artem is the Founder and CEO of Earth Coast Productions, a multimedia, video production, and live broadcasting production company. We are focused on digital storytelling to catalyze change in global sustainability, ecological stewardship, and community engagement. He is a native of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, and moved to the United States at the age of 12, quickly adapting to and adopting the grit and ethos of the American Dream. Artem resides in Colorado where you’re just as likely to find him story-telling around a remote wilderness campfire as in a digital recording studio.

Rachel Fusco

[email protected]

Chief Experience Officer

Rachel has a background in Visual and Media Arts with a BA from Emerson College, as well as experience in Operations and Project Management. She has always been impacted by movies, books, and music and she brings that passion (and a cup of coffee) to all of our projects. In her work, Rachel's aim is to personally connect with each of our clients and get to know them on a deeper level. Creating and building on those relationships is important to her and important for our team to successfully provide what a client needs.

Jordan Groth

[email protected]

Production Manager

Jordan has a BA in film and has pursued award winning projects in both Australia and America. Jordan joined Earth Coast at the start of 2020 and applies his skills in filming, editing, creative direction and project management to bring our clients vision to life.

Jordan aims to deeply understand every clients mission and vision to be able to successfully translate their story into compelling, impactful media.


Feel free to reach out if we can clarify anything.
You can select optional items and adjust quantities where possible.


Pre- Production

When working with Earth Coast, our productions gain tremendous value from our team's Project Success Strategy and from the work that we put in during the pre-production stages.

Although there are only a few items listed in this stage, this is where the foundations for success are established. With the Creative Success Strategy we identify what success looks like and also the core drivers that achieve this.

This allows our clients to confidently execute their creative vision.

Project & Client Onboarding

Communications & Project Meetings

Including Earth Coast Team & Client Project Review Meetings

Project Management

Including client facing project management board

Creative Success Strategy

Including clear production plans, developing creative brief for the project

Total Pre-Production:  $3,800.00

Additional scripting, storyboarding, and consulting is available

If additional pre-production services are required, we can finalize the exact scope on a Discovery Call


NOVEMBER 5th, 2022

This is where all of our hard work pays off! Using the tried and tested technology and systems that Earth Coast has developed, our crew will be onsite to capture all of the special moments.

x1 Director of Photography & Camera Operator

x1 Additional Camera Operator

x3 Camera Kit

Audio Recording Kit

Lighting Kit

Total Production:  $3,350.00


We have experienced editors in-house and an extremely talented roster of specialty post-production technicians to execute whatever your project calls for. We can handle editing, animations & titles, music licensing, sound mix and color grading.

We’ll take your raw assets and spin them into gold.

Whether it’s doc-style, narrative, a sizzle or anything in between, we’ll produce a polished piece of content you’ll be proud to put your name on.

x1 Earth Coast Edited Final 27.5-minute Package 

with Narration, Music, Graphics & Appropriate Branding

x1 Social Media Highlight Reel

Total Post-Production:  $3,600.00

Quoted Project Total

Total: $10,750.00

Non-profit 10% discount: $1,075.00

Grand Total: $9,675.00

⎯⎯⎯  Portfolio 

Recent Work

Promotional Video

Walking Paws Rehab 

Walking Paws Rehab of Boulder, Colorado reached out to Earth Coast to help produce a promotional brand video of their rehab center. 

Earth Coast worked alongside the Walking Paws team to plan, produce, film, and edit a custom promotional video that showcased the various services, skilled team members, and capture the welcoming atmosphere of Walking Paws Rehab Center. By diving deep into the culture and experience at Walking Paws, creating a visual treatment and thoughtful planning discussions, our team was able to capture and showcase what makes this rehab center so special for your pet.

Health Careers Course

Beyond Campus Innovations 

Earth Coast worked along-side Beyond Campus Innovations to conceptualize, produce, and edit a wholistic health careers course for Da Vita, HCA, & Centura Health for high-school students. The course included medical tour walk-throughs, interactive patient simulations, medical tool review, and informative company leader interviews. 

After the students watched these videos, they enter a six week course that gives them hands-on experience in each of the fields to give them further experience and exposure to each medical field. 

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Animal Flow

A mini-doc that explores the origins of Animal Flow with creator Mike Fitch. Inspired by break dancing, parkour, and modern dance, this films dives into the roots of Animal Flow. 

This short mini-doc is an Animal Flow & Earth Coast Productions collaboration.

⎯⎯⎯  Testimonials

Testimonials From Clients

  • Exactly what we needed...

  • focused, driven, determined

  • Professional, Attentive, Friendly

Tim Bobo

Left Brain Media
Owner & Creative Director

"From the very very beginning when we called Earth Coast, I just got the idea that they were there to help us be successful, and...

They just knew what we needed. It’s almost like they could read our minds, they could tell what we wanted to do, they were coming up with solutions, and we had various situations we needed to happen in Denver...

They were willing to go outside the box of what they provided. And we had some unique needs about the number of crew and days of shooting and they were also familiar with the environment, they made us feel like we were in good hands."


⎯⎯⎯  Client References 

Y On Earth

Founder & Author

Aaron Perry

Regenerative Rising


Seleyn DeYarus

Congregation Nevei Kodesh


David Spiro

⎯⎯⎯  Values

Our Shared Values 

Human to Human

Human to Human means always building community connections and building others up.


Our company culture, first and foremost, involves doing something we are proud of and that you will be proud to share with your unique audience. 


Responsibility is important to us, you can count on our team to ensure care and success for your project. 


We take ownership, in working with Earth Coast, you know that you can rely on a professional team to authentically show up for your project. 


We do it right. Quality over quantity.