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Implement our expertise guided by proven methodologies

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Staying connected to your positive impact goals, we ensure that each piece of video we create builds the springboard that jumps your brand to the front of people’s minds.

We craft each video story with your precise mission and vision in the director’s chair. Integrating a strategic approach from the very start makes everything from event success to ongoing audience connection easier.

We focus on the complete audience experience and the entire event life cycle.
This allows us to map out and deliver the best experiences throughout The Attendee Journey.

How does your event video strategy tie into your larger organizational growth plan?

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⎯⎯⎯  Foundational Consultation

This is where we build the video strategy that will guide your event and organization to success. We take this time to learn your brand; becoming your ally, advocate, and strategic director. As your strategic director, we know your story inside and out. From this vantage point we design powerful fundraising integrations, monetization campaigns, video marketing, and sales funnels.

⎯⎯⎯  Pre-event

This is the big lift. Accomplishing all pre-event work and communications in the beginning is exactly what your event needs. We fully brand and customize a beautiful platform that makes your job and audience interaction smooth and enjoyable. During this part of our work together, we build the run of show and timeline for everything that will happen pre-event, at the event, and beyond. 

⎯⎯⎯  During the Event

This is the fun part! We enable you to do what you do best. Our focus is on creating a quality experience for the talent on the stage, the audience in the seats, and the virtual audience on their devices. Handling all behind-the-scenes details from the planned to the unimaginable, we’ve got you covered.

⎯⎯⎯  Post-event

This is both a delivery of highly polished video content and the kick-off to your ongoing video marketing campaigns, replays, educational series, etc. We maximize the impact of your event and extend the value of your content by continuing to share and help you monetize the material in multiple ways. Using event data analytics, we identify and pursue the strongest path to grow your business. 

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