Event planning & Consulting

Event Planning & Consulting

Event partners you can trust to ensure success. 

Event Planning

Planning your event starts at the macro level. Between the location, ticketing and registration, and timelines, it can be a lot of details to manage. Earth Coast helps to to make it easy. 

As your event partners and consultants, our team helps you navigate the pre-production phase of your event with confidence and ease. 

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Backend Management

Our technology experts help to evaluate your foundational technology layer that supports your company and therefore your event. 

From ticketing integrations to CRM management, we help to ensure your technology supports your mission and vision in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

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Graphics and AV

Creating an engaging event means going a step  further with your presentations. With the latest technology and equipment, our team can create compelling media, graphics and animations that elevate your event experience. 

Our team is as invested in your event success and vision as you are. So we work with you from the start to curate impactful media that can be delivered through all stages of the event. 

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Consulting & Planning

Timeline Management

Thoughtful event planning takes months. Whether you're looking to record your sessions or stream a hybrid event, our team helps to guide your timeline to minimize stress and maximize efficiency for a prepared and thought-out event. 


On site or virtually, our team of experts works with you to ensure your event is implementing the right strategy and engaging your audience in a way that's aligned with your mission and vision. 

Analytics Review

Earth Coast helps review and analyze your data and analytics to ensure that you are maximizing your impact and reach across all your important channels. 

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