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Skillful Training

The educational space is shifting, and sharing your knowledge is important. You’ve got the content, we guide you through pre-production  planning, production, and post-production. We plan and post produce with the hierarchy of modules, lesson plans and segmentation in mind for a clean and interactive teaching experience. 

You're the master of your craft and we help you bring that content to life through powerful e-learning videos.

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Types of Online Courses

  • Instructor Led - Instructor facilitated training session for a group or individual. 
  • Product Videos - Explainer videos that demonstrate the use, benefits, and value of products. 
  • Simulation Videos - Creating a simulated learning environment that mirrors a real-life scenario.  
  • Interactive Lessons - A teaching approach that encourages students to interact with other students or directly with the course content through other means. 
  • How To - Demonstrating a task or guiding the learner though a process. 

  • Presenter Led - Focuses on showcasing the presenters knowledge and skills. 
  • Animated Learning - Utilizing graphics and animation to demonstrate or illustrate content.   

⎯⎯⎯  Development

Course Journey

As your media collaborators, we take pride in enabling our clients who are furthering the education for others in our community. Through cataloging your course modules and dissecting the best approach for an easy and efficient production, we keep it simple for you so you can stay focused on sharing your wisdom with the world.

We support you in delivering your knowledge and education to the world in a calm and professional environment. 

⎯⎯  Process

What To Expect


Strategy & Planning

We specialize in helping you structure your course. We immerse ourselves in your content and teachings to be able to successfully guide you through the planning stage of your online course. Through modules, lesson plans, and segmentation, we can help you structure your course in the most efficient and effective way for your audience. 



Our team of creatives will guide you through the filming process from building the perfect environment, lighting, and scripting to ensure your content is beautifully captured in a meaningful way. Each filming session will be carefully thought out and scripted so you have to confidence to teach in an authentic way. 



Our skilled editors will help to combine all of the course materials in the edit bay to be able translate your lessons to the online audience. 

Once completed, your lessons will be interactive, engaging and ready for distribution. 

⎯⎯⎯  Success Story 

Brigitte Mars

Herbal Healing with Brigitte Mars is an 11-week course produced and edited by Earth Coast in collaborating with Brigitte to maximize course accessibility and impact. Brigitte has been teaching in-person courses for years and decided that adding an online courses would maximize course availability for students and share her knowledge with more than her local community.  

⎯⎯⎯  Testimonials

Mike Cohen

Founder | Kirtan leader Institute

“For me this was a very new endeavor, it's my love of this work that led me to do this. It was quite anxiety provoking to step into the recording even though we had done a lot of really great preparation on the course material. What I found pretty quickly was that I was able to step into the role that was required of me and do just fine and part of that I think, was the expertise you guys brought. This was the most calm and relaxed set ... and I think that helped tremendously. I felt like I was in really good hands with you guys.”

Mike Fitch

President & Creator | Animal flow

“It’s been amazing, we've enjoyed every single experience that we've had with you guys and were just always continuously impressed by your level of professionalism but also your skill level . . . you find a way to make the video production, quality, editing process, even better . . . it’s a totally seamless process. Finding you guys was such a gift for us.”

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