We specialize in purpose-driven event production and live broadcasting.

Event Video Production

We are your in-house event and media partner.

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At Earth Coast we work so seamlessly with your business that it feels like we’ve always been there.

We fully immerse ourselves in your brand, voice, image, and culture to create content that easily grows your audience, community, and positive impact. Empowering your purpose-driven organization to expand your reach and inspire your audience is why we do what we do.

We make it easy to connect and grow your audience through events

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Customers served! 1000 + # of people engaged through Live Broadcasting
Customers served! 1000 + # of people inspired through eLearning
Customers served! 1000 + # of campaigns launched for Social Impact

⎯⎯⎯  Event Video Production

Media partners that make your success inevitable

Engaging, immersive experiences for In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual events with a media team that builds curated content for your long-term success.

  • Simple user experience that expands human connection
  • Beautifully customized platform with integrated ticketing
  • Engage audiences with big picture media strategies
  • Video that grows revenue by creating your organization's Video Content Library
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⎯⎯⎯ Media Strategy

Connecting audiences

Create meaningful interactions at your event and beyond. Capturing video content at events saves you money by building your Video Content Library which is key for business revenue growth.

  • Continue offering value with evergreen media and online courses
  • Expand viewer experiences with event highlight videos and social media clips
  • Drive ongoing audience connection with marketing and promotional videos
  • Receive full creative support including scripting, storyboarding, graphics

⎯⎯⎯ Our Media Promise

Taking your event success and long-term goals to heart, we become your Media Department. Working with us makes it easy to grow your business by delivering great content to your audience.

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Organizations who trust Earth Coast as their preferred media partner:

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