The Future of Fun


The future is always coming, whether we like it or not. As we forge ahead, gaining new technologies and forms of entertainment, we are bound to give up some of the charm and beauty of the past. In the best cases, people eventually realize what they missed about the past, and integrate it with the current system.

This is the journey we are currently travelling in the world of entertainment. As technology became more prevalent, old social activities were dropped to be done individually. Now we are once again feeling a desire to return to building community through entertainment. And we have the technology to make it better than it has ever been before.


Before any sort of sophisticated technology, most of our entertainment, save reading, was in-person. Fairs were a prevalent meeting spot to show off your produce and hobbies. Sports were always viewed live, at the event itself. Shopping was done at brick-and-mortar stores. If you go back far enough, you probably knew the owner of the shop you were a patron of.
As technology improved, these forms of entertainment began to shift. Sports and movies could be bought On-Demand. Now they can be streamed. Shopping could be done online, avoiding the hassle of making a trip to the store. Eventually, endless digital entertainment was contained in one screen we could fit in our pockets.

Now that we have all this technology, however, we are starting to see community become a selling point once more. What was once possible to take for granted has now become the missing piece in new forms of entertainment. Music Festivals, events notoriously focused on community, have seen a huge rise in recent years. In the realm of retail, Pamela Danzinger writes, “Malls must become the new American ‘Main Street,’ where people feel a real sense of community and belonging.” If people are to be lured away from online shopping, they must be given something they can’t find in internet retail–a sense of community.


In the future, this trend is bound to continue. The desire for community is hard-wired in human DNA, and the digital world still can’t completely replace in-person interactions. As you move forward with your business, it is important to think not only about how you can attract customers, but how you can use your brand to help form a community. Friends are made, a following is strengthened, and everybody wins.

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