Dear Unsupervised,

We are thrilled about the opportunity of working together and supporting your goals with your upcoming media campaign. This page outlines the following key areas:

  1. Welcome to Earth Coast - Company Overview Document (Click through the document)
  2. Concepts for the Promotional Awareness Campaign Video
  3. Virtual Treatment and Stills - Examples From Our Recent Work (Click through the document)
  4. Next Steps

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During our conceptualization process, we build ideas around your audience, brand, budget and goals that are crafted to leave a lasting impact. The video we would work on together would focus on a unique and creative approach that includes Unsupervised’ core messages.

Once the key messages are established, we would define a clear understanding of your audience and weave your message into a creative story that effectively captures them.

To encourage some creative stimulation, we’ve come up with a handful of basic concepts. None of the following ideas are final, they are designed to stimulate inspiration and demonstrate our ability to explore unique and creative approaches:

Data Monsters Aren’t Really Monsters
George, the CEO, is seen in an office full of ugly, disobedient “data monsters”, who are making a mess of the place. George is frantically trying to catch the “data monsters” and keep them under control, but is unsuccessful. Larry, the CFO, comes in and asks if he’s tried leaving them unsupervised as he hands George an Unsupervised business card. George looks at it, confused.

George and Larry are seen in George’s office as he looks out in astonishment between the blinds to the main office. A team of men and/or women with Unsupervised-branded uniforms are seen effortlessly managing the now cute and well-behaved “data monsters”. “Great things happen Unsupervised™”

Unsupervised Children Are Well-Behaved
There is a child throwing a tantrum about having to organize their room. The frazzled parents of the child are failing to manage the situation. Two calm and relaxed parents next door see the commotion and suggest that the frazzled parents try leaving their child Unsupervised. “Wonderful things happen Unsupervised™”

Beautiful Things Are created When Left Unsupervised
A young girl, Sarah, is left at home unsupervised. She runs to her toy room, grabbing boxes of colorful toys, and carelessly dumps them on the ground. Sarah steps back, and mischievously smiles. The pile of toys on the ground is revealed to be an organized artful masterpiece. “Wonderful things happen Unsupervised™”

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Next Steps