What Is Livestreaming?

Livestreaming your event is a smart and strategic way to deliver an engaging, live experience to a larger online audience. In the world of digital marketing and social media, Livestreaming remains the optimal method for building your online presence and connecting with your viewers real-time.

​Why Should I Livestream?

Whether you’re an event host, workshop facilitator, or a non-profit trying to connect with your supporters, Livestreaming is the perfect solution to engage your online community and instantly send your message to anyone, no matter where they are in the world.

We provide a 4k multi-cam experience so viewers won't miss a minute of the action. Livestreaming makes your local event global. We provide the infrastructure so that viewers from all around the world can virtually attend your event. Small venue size or capped ticket availability won’t limit the reach of your message. Earth Coast’s Livestreaming solutions allow event hosts and facilitators not only to reach that larger online audience, but also engage with their community as if they were in the room. During a Live Stream, online audience members can interact with other viewers and participate in the event as it is happening. 

Advantages of a Live Stream through Earth Coast

​Increase your Brand's Reach

Send your message out to new and larger audiences

​Maximize your Profitability

Even if tickets are sold out, online streaming is infinitely scalable for your fans to view the event online

Boost your Marketing Game

Market to viewers during the Live Stream and increase your conversion rates

​Immerse your ​specific Audience

From cameras to audio adapters, we bring our own top-of-the-line, tried-and-true Live Streaming equipment to every event

​Focus on your Experience

We’ll handle all the tech while you focus on your event

Applications of Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting is used in a variety of ways, in both small- and large-scale applications.  Here's a breakdown of the three main types of events where you may use Live-streaming:

Livestream Event

A Livestream Event is a small-scale event that anyone can tune into.  Some examples include:

  • Video Lectures
  • Virtual Presentations

Hybrid Event

A Hybrid Event live-streams real events so that anyone can tune in, even if they aren't there.  Some Examples Include:

  • Streaming Lecture Events
  • Remote Access to in-person meetings

Virtual Event

A Virtual Event is a large-scale event that many people are expected to tune into.  Some examples of a Virtual Event include:

  • Telesummits/Virtual Summits
  • Virtual Conferences

How it Works

With Earth Coast, livestreaming is simple and easy. Here’s how your event will go with our professional assistance:

  1. Take advantage of your 20 minute consultation to evaluate the size and scope of your video needs.
  2. We use our custom livestreaming platform specifically designed for your brand and to accommodate your audience. Whether you’re looking to monetize your live stream through the sale of online tickets sell online tickets, or if you’re just looking to grow and engage your online audience, we’ve got you covered.
  3.  Let us take care of the rest! From pre-production and venue set-up to on-site execution, we provide all the services needed to curate a stellar experience for online viewers. Your audience can tune in at any time and connect with other viewers through our platform's chatroom. We can also provide event attendees with a recorded copy of the event.