Livestreaming your event is a smart and strategic way to boost your business’s visibility and increase sales. The consumer experience is comparable to watching a TV broadcast of an event online—no one has to miss a minute of the action.


Whether you’re an event host, workshop or seminar facilitator, or a non-profit trying to connect with your supporters, livestreamed video is the ideal way to instantly send your message to a wider audience.

Even if it isn’t possible for your venue to accommodate a large number of people, you can give your audience the advantage of viewing the event online—as it’s happening. No more waiting for recorded video footage. No more disappointed customers who couldn’t get tickets to your event. No more cumbersome do-it-yourself workarounds like Skype.

Livestreaming allows you to include your entire audience in the experience, no matter where they are in the world.

Here are some of the other advantages of a livestream with Earth Coast:

  • Increase your reach: get your message out to new and larger audiences
  • Maximize profitability: even if tickets are sold out, online streaming is infinitely scalable for your fans to view the event online
  • Up your marketing game: market to viewers during the livestream and increase your conversion rates
  • Reliability: from cameras to audio adapters, we bring our own tried-and-true gear to every event
  • Convenience: we handle the technology while you focus on your event


You don’t have to be tech-savvy to make livestreaming work for you. Here’s how your livestreamed event might go with our professional assistance:

  1. Take advantage of your free 20 minute consultation to evaluate the size and scope of your video needs.
  2. Market your event with our help.
  3. Let us take care of the rest! We’ll show up early to set up and test video equipment, and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and ready for a great video stream. Online viewers can tune in at any time, and they can write comments in the chat window while they watch. We can even provide event attendees a recorded copy of the event after it’s over.

Ready to make livestreaming part of your event’s success?

Not sure where to start?

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