How Livestreaming Can Help Grow Your Business

​​What is Live Streaming?

​Live Streaming emerged in the last two years as the most optimal way to connect with your online audience through real-time, interactive video. Live​ Streaming is a revolutionary media service for businesses to communicate and engage with their customers in an authentic way. Live Streaming makes online video interactive, authentic, and satisfying for viewers. One of the ways live Streaming is different from other content mediums is that the audience tuning into a ​Live Stream can get their questions answered immediately. That means that during a ​Live Stream you can connect with anyone interested in your services and answer speak with them in an authentic, trust-building way.

​What Makes A Good Live Stream?

In 2018, virtually anyone can live stream. All you technically need is a smartphone and a Facebook account. If done strategically, however, incorporating Live Streaming into your digital marketing toolkit will not only grow and engage your online audience, but also boost your sales growth.

Live Streaming starts with what you’re already doing as a business. Are you holding events, business meetings, or seminars? Do you have information that you’d like to compellingly communicate to your customers or online audience?

If the answer is yes, the next thing you need to consider is how you’re going to engage your audience live. Here are 3 things to consider:

​Dynamic Production

​Online Audience Engagement

​Call to Action

​How Do I Get Started?

​I’m glad you asked. Companies that are using video are growing at an average rate of 49% more than companies that are not using video. To really take advantage of Live Streaming and online video, there are a number of things to consider--strategic Live Streaming involves everything from multicam production to strategic audience interaction and ticket sales.

With Earth Coast, Live Streaming is made simple and easy. Here’s how your event will go with our professional assistance:

  • 1
    ​Take advantage of your 20 minute consultation to evaluate the size and scope of your video needs.
  • 2
    ​We use our custom  Streaming platform specifically designed for your brand and to accommodate your audience. Whether you’re looking to monetize your live stream through the sale of online tickets sell online tickets, or if you’re just looking to grow and engage your online audience, we’ve got you covered.
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    ​Let us take care of the rest! From pre-production and venue set-up to on-site execution, we provide all the services needed to curate a stellar experience for online viewers. Your audience can tune in at any time and connect with other viewers through our platform's chatroom. We can also provide event attendees with a recorded copy of the event.

​For day-to-day social media updates, Live Streaming can be as simple capturing live footage from your phone. If your company is doing something exciting, or if you want to hold a spontaneous Q&A session for your audience, click the red button and be on your way.