Agency - Earth Coast Productions


Our Approach to Digital Marketing

We build and implement digital marketing engines and media solutions that streamline growth in your sales process, lead acquisitions, and client/customer engagement. We also help integrate the systems required to make the sales and marketing automation funnels work properly.

Why Digital Marketing?

With the growing demand on businesses to have all various forms of content--blog posts, videos, podcasts, ad-campaigns, and social media--it’s imperative to map and automate this content to maximize your client/customer experience and sales. This task is often cumbersome and requires the assistance of a dedicated paid media agency.

​What We Do

We’re not a paid media agency, but we function and operate like one! This means we’ll save you money. We have the resources and partners to manage everything from ad-campaigns to sales funnels that increase growth and customer engagement. We work with software like InfusionSoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign and other major CRMs to build and develop digital marketing plans for our clients.